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This is the fifth edition of the
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land
Acquisitions. The Standards were originally published in 1971 with the most
recent revision published in 1992. The existing Standards have earned a
prestigious position. They are frequently cited by Congress in legislation
relating to the valuation of federal land acquisitions and have guided the
appraisal process in these matters since their original issuance by the
Interagency Land Acquisition Conference. & The Interagency Land
Acquisition Conference, established on November 27, 1968, by invitation of
the Attorney General, is a voluntary organization composed of
representatives from the many federal agencies engaged in the acquisition
of real estate for public uses. The Conference adopted and continues to
adhere to several goals with respect to land acquisition, including the
promulgation of uniform appraisal standards and guidelines for appraisal
reports. The broad experience of the member representatives of the
Interagency Land Acquisition Conference assures that the federal appraisal
standards developed for land acquisitions are uniform, fair, and efficient.
The Interagency Land Acquisition Conference is chaired by the Assistant
Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division,
Department of Justice. Its activities are conducted by ad hoc committees
composed of member representatives.

The Interagency Land Acquisition Conference Executive is Virginia P.
Butler, Chief of the Land Acquisition Section of the Environment and
Natural Resources Division, Department of Justice. James D. Eaton, MAI, of
the Appraisal Unit, Department of Justice, authored this 2000 revision of the
Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions. He was
assisted in this effort by Appraisal Unit Chief Brian Holly, MAI; trial attorney
Marc Gordon; and Ms. Butler. These Standards were submitted to the
Appraisal Institute for editorial review and the Department of Justice grate-
acknowledges the editorial assistance of the Appraisal Institute in their
preparation. While the vast majority of federal land acquisition is achieved
through voluntary means, sometimes litigation is necessary. With this in
mind, Mr. Eaton has done an admirable job of updating the case law,
expand-ing the treatment of novel or difficult valuation questions, and
recognizing the vast changes that have recently characterized the real
estate appraisal profession.

Appraisal Information Needs Survey Results
(NAR) Marketing Research Department invited 86,777 appraiser members
and recipients of the Appraisal Section of the weekly NAR ListServe
message to participate in an online survey. Findings reflected in this report
were collected from responses received between August 10th and 25th,
The goal of the survey was to understand how Appraiser members conduct
their business, obtain appraisal industry information, and make decisions
on their appraisal education and designations.

Forensic appraising adds in the positive
Process involves combining all the variables affecting a property to create a
predicted value
Dayton Business Journal - May 15, 1998 by John Niehaus News Staff
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Joel Henson's business, Dixie Drywall Co., is located on about one-and-a-
half acres of land off
Valley Street. About one acre of the property is grass.
Instead of continually paying a landscaping company $75 to cut the grass,
he decided to try to sell
that piece of his property. After determining an asking price, he called Ron
Kuczak, a local real
estate appraiser.
"He came out and gave me my options,"
Henson said. "He more or less determined
what the land would be worth if I kept it and
put up some warehouses."

USPAP 2006:
The Loss Of A Few Terms Will Be Less Confusing, I Think
December 28th, 2005 by John Cicero
In January 2006 the new edition of USPAP will be available and distributed,
though its changes will not become effective until June. The Appraisal
Standards Board

revisions in the 2006 Edition of USP Appraisal Practice are the result of
two major Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) initiatives: (1) examination of
the proper role of the scope of work and departure concepts in the
appraisal process; and (2) specific review of STANDARDS 9 and 10. The
ASB formally adopted the 2006 USPAP on October 28, 2005 based on
testimony presented at public meetings, responses to three Concept
Papers, six Exposure Drafts, and extensive deliberation by the ASB over a
two-year period. (
USPAP 2006 Q & A) The effective date of the 2006
USPAP is July 1, 2006 commercial.


FHA training comes to the Pacific Northwest:
June 12, 2006 - Salem, OR.
FHA Program Update, Appraisal Reform, & Home Equity
Conversion Mortgage Training. Approved for 6 hrs Continuing Education Credit.
Registration required, no fee.

Nature of Appraisal Work (U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Commercial appraisers and assessors of real estate estimate the value of real
property for a variety of purposes, such as to assess property tax, to determine a sales
price, or to determine the amount of a mortgage that might be granted on a property.
They may be called on to determine the value of any type of real estate, ranging from
farmland to a major shopping center, although they often specialize in appraising or
assessing only a certain type of real estate such as residential buildings or commercial
properties. Assessors determine the value of all properties in a locality for property tax
purposes whereas appraisers appraise properties one at a time for a variety of
purposes, such as to determine what a good sale price would be for a home or to settle
an estate or aid in a divorce settlement.

Property (Commercial Appraiser, SIC) and Appraisal Guidelines—details
their general requirements for analyzing the property residential appraisal, rather than
commercial, aspects of conventional mortgages secured by one- to four-family
properties. It also discusses special considerations for certain types of housing-units
in condominium, PUD, and cooperative projects; manufactured (and other factory-built)
homes; Community Living group homes; mixed-use properties; properties affected by
environmental hazards; urban properties; affordable housing program properties;
properties located in special assessment or community facilities districts; properties
subject to leasehold interests (including those held by community land trusts); and
energy-efficient properties—that merit special consideration in the property and
appraisal review. Because the evaluation of a property is such a vital part of the risk
analysis, they expect a lender to place as much emphasis on underwriting the property
and reviewing the appraisal as it does on underwriting the borrower's commercial

Regulations, Related Acts  § 323.4  Minimum appraisal standards.
federally related transactions, all appraisals shall, at a minimum:

Is property owner liable when horse and rider fall on driveway?

For information on registering your business capabilities to assist in the
Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts pleas

-The Appraisal Foundation is a non-profit educational organization founded to foster
professionalism in appraising through the establishment and promotion of
(commercial) appraisal standards and (commercial) appraiser qualifications.-

Editor’s note: On March 16, 2001, Daniel Muller of Morgan Miller Blair presented,  
Every Real Estate Attorney Should Know About Inverse Condemnation,” to the real
property section of the CCCBA.  This article discusses developments in the areas of
inverse condemnation and eminent domain (direct condemnation) in the six months
since the presentation.  For an outline of the presentation call (925) 937-3600.  nverse
Condemnation  Plaintiffs suffered setbacks in three inverse condemnation cases
decided in 2001.  However, a judge in a federal district court case granted plaintiff’s
motion for summary judgment, enjoining the agency from an impending condemnation
for failure to show a public use or purpose for the project. is the premier online resource for finding
commercial real estate,
specializing in office space, executive suites, retail, and investment property. Learn

Turlock Irrigation Dist. v. Zanker, No F047094 (Cal. 5th App. Dist. June 26, 2006)
Judgment partially against a town in litigation concerning the scope of its right to receive
treated water for domestic use and other needs of the town is affirmed where the trial
court (comercial appraiser sic) correctly found that the districts must continue to provide
water to the town, but the reasonable cost of treating the water to make it suitable for
domestic use may be passed through to the consumer.

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Appraisal, Estate Appraiser,  Residential Appraiser, Apartment Appraiser,  Appraisal,
Special Purpose Property, Office Property, California Appraiser, PMI Removal Appraiser,
Fee Appraisal.  Certified General Appraiser, Estate Tax Appraiser

Appraisal Services: Appraiser, Commercial Appraisal,  Real Estate Appraisal,
Residential Appraiser, Eminent Domain Appraiser, Apartment Appraiser, Special
Purpose Property, Office Property, California Appraiser, PMI Removal Appraiser, Free
Appraisal.  Certified General Appraiser, Tax Appraiser

Rusheen v. Cohen, No. S123203 (Cal. February 23, 2006)
Where a cause of action is based on a communicative act, the litigation privilege of Civil
Code section 47 extends to those noncommunicative actions which are necessarily
related to that communicative act.

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commercial appraisal la,
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developers, architects, builders, owners, or property managers.
1. High Rise
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13. Urban Infill
14. International
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16. Unbuilt
We Make a Simple
Pledge to

Communicate, in a timely
Fashion, each appraisal,
analysis, and opinion
bias or partiality

Abstain from behavior
is deleterious to our
the appraisal profession,
and the public

Hold paramount the
confidential nature of the
appraiser/consultant -
client relationship


Comply with the
of the Uniform Standards
Professional Appraisal
and the
Code of
Professional Ethics of
the National Society of
Real Estate Appraisers
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