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Construction Update 
November 2006 
Table of Contents
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Reed Smith

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This Month's Articles
Terminating a Sub for Defective Work: Beware of the Consequences If Not Done Correctly
S. Miles Dumville, Edward B. Gentilcore, Reed Smith
There may come a time on a construction project where repeated defective or delinquent work by a contractor or subcontractor will result in the owner or general contractor giving serious consideration to terminating the problem contractor for default. Nevertheless, termination should be considered a drastic action and caution must be exercised, especially when the poorly performing contractor is attempting to continue its performance.
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Schedule Analysis – Cracking the Code (Part 1 of 3)
William A. Manginelli, Trauner Consulting Services, Inc.
Construction is risky business.  And while today’s construction projects may be safer than they were in the past, the financial risks continue to be great.  Today’s construction projects are bid under fierce competition with little margin and require the coordination of many trades under demanding conditions and challenging timeframes.  Often, everything does not go according to plan and the parties to the construction contract find themselves at odds.
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When The Federal Government Goes Too Far
Henry L. Goldberg, Goldberg & Connolly

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A recent Court of Federal Claims decision has confirmed the current federal law concerning (1) when a government inspection becomes overly burdensome to a contractor; and (2) when such “burdensome inspections” constitute a breach of the government’s duty to:  (a) exercise good faith and (b) not to hinder contract performance.
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Scheduling Specifications – Do They Work?
Ian Cartwright, PinnacleOne
Upcoming Seminars
on this Topic

  • Construction Scheduling Tips
    In this article, presented in three parts, I invite your participation in a research project that will evaluate the question, “Do scheduling specifications work?” and attempt to provide some useful conclusions on this extremely important and troublesome aspect of project/ construction management.
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